7 Ways to Promote Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to New Investors

Photo by Priscila Almeida on Unsplash

Equity crowdfunding has been a revolutionary way for startups and small businesses to raise funds from high-net-worth individuals. However, even with the success of this new form of fundraising, many companies still struggle to find investors outside their existing networks. In this blog post, we will explore seven ways you can promote your campaign externally to reach potential investors who are not yet aware.

  1. The first thing that business owners need is content marketing done right. Content marketing is valuable because it informs people about what you do as well as provides value through educational information or entertainment. This approach goes simple advertising messages by providing more valuable information to your target audience. Use content marketing as a way to increase awareness about your business and equity crowdfunding campaign by putting out informative, easy-to-read blog posts on popular platforms such as Medium.
  2. You should always be marketing your campaign on multiple social media platforms. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are three great platforms to start with. Because these sites focus on business-oriented information marketing your equity crowdfunding campaign will be a perfect fit! Also, consider using Instagram or Pinterest if you have good visual content that would appeal to your users. The growth of online media has made promotion even easier for companies seeking external investments. Additionally, consider creating a unique hashtag that will help people find content about the equity crowdfunding process online!
  3. Leverage social media influencers. While this might require some financial investment on your part, these marketing personalities often have a large audience of potential investors looking for new opportunities online. This makes them great promoters of external fundraising efforts like yours!
  4. While it is more time-consuming, marketing through email campaigns can also bring in new investors to your cause. You should be marketing your campaign to investors that specifically invest in businesses like yours. For example, if you are raising funds for a technology company consider marketing the equity crowdfunding process to angel investor groups and venture capital firms with interests in tech-based startups.
  5. Join online communities of like-minded investors. Marketing through online communities or forums that are targeted towards potential investors who may be interested in investing capital into startups and small businesses. For example, Linkedin Groups allow users from around the world to come together for discussions related to different topics including entrepreneurship!
  6. Promote your campaign through offline events. This includes events such as startup conferences where individuals can gain exposure for their company while also networking with others involved in the industry at an event like this which helps you attract new investors.
  7. Leverage your current network. This can include an email marketing campaign or perhaps traditional advertising on platforms such as Facebook. With this approach, promote the equity crowdfunding platform that you are using and encourage people within your company to share with their personal networks! This strategy has been proven to be effective for many entrepreneurs by raising awareness about startup businesses to get more eyes on their potential investment opportunities.

With marketing through content marketing, social media marketing, and online communities there are many ways that business owners can promote their equity crowdfunding campaign to new investors. By following these steps along with good marketing practices, business owners should be able to see increased success with their equity crowdfunding campaign.

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