Episode 230 — FORT, Magnetic Pillow Fort

On episode 230 of the Successfully Funded Podcast, I got to talk with Conor Lewis from the successfully funded Kickstarter, FORT, Magnetic Pillow Fort. Most blocks and play furniture lack the ✨ MAGIC ✨ that we wanted in our house, so Coner designed the FORT from the ground up to have all the pieces, shapes, and functionality that the modern parent needs. Best of all, it’s not your couch cushions! 12 pieces and 5 shapes strike the perfect balance to help keep your kids engaged and your couch cushions intact. It won’t be long until you are building with the FORT too, I mean who doesn’t love a pillow fort?!? Also, on today’s episode is a secret unreleased Sugar People cover song. So make sure you stay tuned till the end of the episode.