How Equity Crowdfunding is Changing Entrepreneurship.

Jeff "fuzzy" Wenzel
3 min readMar 24, 2023

Equity crowdfunding is an innovative way to raise money for entrepreneurs. It’s an exciting development that has the potential to revolutionize the way entrepreneurs access capital and resources in order to bring their ideas to life. Let’s look at how equity crowdfunding is impacting innovation and entrepreneurship today.

Accessibility of Capital.
Equity crowdfunding makes it easier for entrepreneurs to gain access to capital than ever before, as it does not require them to have a personal relationship with potential investors or go through a lengthy process of pitching traditional venture capitalists. Instead, entrepreneurs can simply create a pitch on an equity crowdfunding platform that explains their product or service, provides proof-of-concepts, and outlines the benefits of investing in the project. This makes it much easier for entrepreneurs to secure funding quickly and efficiently without having to jump through hoops.

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Increased Opportunities for Investors.
Equity crowdfunding also offers opportunities for investors who may not have had access to certain deals in the past. By providing more opportunities for both institutional and individual investors, equity crowdfunding platforms give these investors the chance to get involved in projects they may have never had access to before. Additionally, these platforms also provide investors with detailed information about potential investments so they can make more informed decisions about where they want their money to go.

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Crowdsourcing Ideas.
Finally, equity crowdfunding platforms offer another benefit: crowdsourcing ideas from potential investors. This means that entrepreneurs are able to receive direct feedback from people who might be interested in investing in their project or product idea — feedback that can be used as valuable market research before launching into full-scale production or launching a business venture. This type of feedback can help entrepreneurs hone their business plans and make sure they are making decisions that are well-informed by market data rather than assumptions or guesses about what customers want or need.

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Equity crowdfunding has opened up new possibilities for both entrepreneurs and investors alike, making it easier than ever before for startups and small businesses to gain access to capital while also offering more opportunities for investors looking for unique deals. From improved accessibility of capital, increased opportunities for investors, and crowdsourced ideas from potential customers, there’s no question that equity crowdfunding is changing the face of entrepreneurship today — and likely far into the future as well!



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