September 9th, 2022 Five For Friday

What I’m Watching This Week:

The Amazon Prime series Upload returns for a second season this month. The show, set in the near future, follows the story of Nate, a young man who dies and is uploaded to a digital afterlife. While the first season was primarily focused on world-building and introducing the concept of digital immortality, the new season promises to be more action-packed and fast-paced. Upload is one of the most original and entertaining shows on television with its mix of humor, drama, and sci-fi elements. If you’re not already watching, now is the perfect time to catch up on the first season so you can be ready for the new episodes.

New Tool I’m Trying:

Twilio Engage is a marketing platform that helps businesses increase customer engagement and drive conversions. The platform provides a suite of tools to create personalized marketing campaigns, including customizable email templates, real-time tracking, and reporting. In addition, Twilio Engage integrates with popular CRM and marketing automation software to provide a seamless experience for users. Businesses can use Twilio Engage to quickly and easily create powerful marketing campaigns that drive results.

Campaign I’m Clicking On:

Lightsense Technology is an optics and machine learning company that provides solutions to critical areas of public health like food safety. Unlike traditional spectroscopy techniques, Lightsense doesn’t require direct contact with the analyzed substance. Instead, it uses sensors to detect changes in the reflection of light off a surface. Their current products and those under development offer users sensitivity and ease of use better than they’ll find elsewhere while being less expensive and faster. I’m eager to see where this campaign goes, as the potential for this tech is huge.

Album I’m Enjoying:

Black and Gold “ by Thundermother is a rock album. There’s the only disclaimer you’ll need. Who doesn’t love power chords, chunky riffs, big drums, thundering bass lines, and catchy choruses? An excellent album to get you pumped up or if you want to rock out. Turn your volume up to 11, it’s one louder.

Quote of the Week:

Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them. Communications axim



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Jeff "fuzzy" Wenzel

Jeff "fuzzy" Wenzel

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