The Top 5 Equity Crowdfunding Websites for Startups.

Jeff "fuzzy" Wenzel
3 min readOct 22, 2022


When it comes to raising money for your startup, there are a lot of options to choose from. You can go the traditional route and try to get a loan from a bank. Or you can pitch your business to venture capitalists. But if you’re looking for a more modern way to raise funds, equity crowdfunding might be the way to go.

With equity crowdfunding, you can raise money from a large group of people by selling them a stake in your company. There are a number of websites that can help you do just that, here are the top five.

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1. WeFunder.

WeFunder is one of the leading equity crowdfunding platforms out there. They’ve helped companies like Reddit, Scribd, and AngelList raise over $200 million. And they’re not just limited to tech startups; they’ve also helped companies in the food & beverage, healthcare, and retail industries raise money as well.

2. SeedInvest.

SeedInvest is another popular equity crowdfunding platform that has helped companies like Elio Motors and Gem raise over $100 million. They’re focused on helping early-stage companies raise money, and they have a pretty rigorous vetting process; less than 1% of companies that apply to fundraise on their platform are actually accepted.

3. CircleUp.

CircleUp is a bit different from other equity crowdfunding platforms in that they don’t just focus on tech startups; they also help consumer brands raise money. They’ve helped companies like Pabst Brewing Company and Krave Jerky raise over $200 million. And they have a pretty impressive track record; 80% of the companies that have raised money on their platform are still in business today.

4. Fundable.

Fundable is one of the oldest equity crowdfunding platforms out there; they’ve been around since 2012. They’ve helped companies like Reebok and Skullcandy raise over $300 million. One thing to note about Fundable is that they charge a flat fee of $179 per month, regardless of how much money you’re trying to raise. So if you’re only looking to raise a few thousand dollars, it might not be worth it to use their platform.

5. StartEngine.

StartEngine is one of the largest equity crowdfunding platforms; they’ve helped companies like Elon Musk’s The Boring Company and Tinder raised over $1 billion. They have a pretty impressive list of clients, and they’re always adding new features to their platform (like the ability to invest with crypto).

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If you’re looking for an alternative way to raise funds for your startup, equity crowdfunding might be the way to go. And there are a number of great websites that can help you do just that. WeFunder, SeedInvest, CircleUp, Fundable, and StartEngine are all great options worth considering.

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