What to Cover During Your Online Event For Your Startup.

Jeff "fuzzy" Wenzel
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As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to promote your startup. But what should you cover during an online event? The answer depends on your goals, but there are a few key topics that should be included in any event promoting your startup. Let’s take a look at some of these:

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Explain Your Mission and Vision.
The first thing you need to do is explain why your company exists and what its mission and vision are. You might choose to use slides or videos as part of your presentation, but make sure that the audience understands exactly what it is that you do and why it matters. This will help them understand the value of your product or service, as well as give them insight into how they can benefit from working with you.

Introduce Your Team.
You don’t have to go into detail about every single employee, but it’s good to introduce your team and explain what each person brings to the table. This helps people feel more connected to the company and gives them a face (or faces) that they can relate to. It also shows potential customers that there are real people behind the product or service, which helps build trust and credibility.

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Highlight Your Achievements.
It’s also important to highlight any successes or achievements that you have had over the past year or so. If customer numbers have been growing steadily or if you’ve won awards in your industry, let people know! This builds trust in potential customers who may be considering investing in your product or service.

Promoting a startup through an online event can be a great way to reach potential customers and spread awareness about what you do. By covering topics such as mission and vision, introducing the team, and highlighting any recent successes, entrepreneurs can make sure their events are engaging and effective in reaching their target audience. Good luck with planning and executing a successful online event!



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