Why Podcasts Are A Crucial Tool for Crowdfunding Entrepreneurs

Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash

Intimacy and Versatility

We already know that podcasts are a uniquely convenient medium, affording listeners the opportunity to multitask and learn more about your idea while driving, exercising, etc. They also provide a specific look into a new CEO’s background, expertise, and communication style that a simple blog post or Facebook ad simply cannot convey.

Keep Close Contact

Later in your campaign, you can use podcasts to provide updates on your progress, offer insights into how your industry is changing (and how you’ll pivot to accommodate them), and thank the supporters who have already decided to back your efforts.

Look For the Case Studies

For example, the popular podcast StartUp raised over $1.5 million from listeners. The show’s creator and host Alex Blumberg used his platform to tell the story of launching his own podcasting company, Gimlet Media. His relatable and engaging storytelling captivated listeners and inspired them to invest in his talents as a podcast host and producer, and he raised over $200,000 in a matter of hours.



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Jeff "fuzzy" Wenzel

Jeff "fuzzy" Wenzel

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